Bionic Cough Simulator

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Product description

Bionic Cough Simulator

The bionic cough simulator is applied to patients with invasive mechanical ventilation. It assists patients with effective expectoration by simulating actual coughing mechanism of human being. The unique air path and algorithm design provide seamless compatibility with ventilators. Features of the bionic cough simulator include avoidance of injury, more effective sputum drainage, and automated operation.

Operational Principle

Coughing is a protective respiratory reflex of human that serves the purpose of cleaning up secretions or foreign matters in respiratory tract. After a complete inspiration cycle is delivered by the ventilator to a patient receiving invasive ventilation, the bionic cough simulator will be activated immediately. By simulating the coughing mechanism of human being, it generates a brief and large air flow, which enables direct drainage of sputum out of the human body from the main airway and bronchi in an expiration cycle. The unique design of airway and algorithm ensures synchronous operation with the mechanical ventilation system without interfering with normal function of the ventilator.

Clinical significance

Expectoration is one of the main nursing tasks for patients with mechanical ventilation. Effective expectoration is the key to prevent airway obstruction and maintain the success of mechanical ventilation. Ventilator-associated pneumonia(VAP) is the most common and fatal complication in mechanical ventilation patients with a incidence of 43.1%, a mortality rate of 51.6%, so timely and effective expectoration plays an important role in preventing and controlling infection .Because of ciliary dyskinesia, severe impairment of lung function, respiratory myasthenia, and coughing reflex disorder, the patients with mechanical

Safe and injury-free operation

The bionic cough simulator drains sputum with air flow generated by negative pressure, which prevents injuries to airway in conventional expectoration systems while avoiding disturbance to normal mechanical ventilation process.

Adequate drainage of sputum

The conventional expectoration systems used in clinical currently can only drain out sputum from main airway which is accessible by suction catheters. In comparison, the intelligent bionic expectoration system cleans out sputum from both the airway and the bronchi, thus achieves more effective drainage.

PEEP maintenance

The intelligent bionic expectoration system captures respiration conditions of a patient with a series of sensors. The independently developed high-speed and low-resistance valve provides rapid response and helps maintain stable and accurate PEEP level. The product is therefore also applicable to patients with high-PEEP.

Automated Operation

The bionic cough simulator interacts intelligently with the ventilator. Two operation modes are available: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, expectoration function can be activated at regular intervals without the need of intervention.

Application Range

Clinical Effect Against Corona Virus 

The latest report from WHO said half of critical are corona virus infected patients will lose their lives ,In 25 death cases the expert found there is much mucous in their lungs,and which resulted in sputum bolt occurring in the lung so as to being in lack of oxygen for the patients to death by suffocation, This shows the importance to sputum drainage, and it requires closed sputum drainage, and now currently only Yaguo medical has such device to clear secretion closely with patients,and this requires patients can not make discharge with ventilator. Traditionally closed suction catheter has side effect ,and easily make damage to the airway and lung to the patients.It requires suction of secretion from deep lungs ,and this work could be perfectly done by our machine in the hospital now,and patient is not suffering any more.

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